I grew up in Los Angeles: first in a beautifully decrepit old house in the foothills above Pasadena, later by the Santa Monica beaches. As a teenager I loved exploring the ghosts of prior eras in the dusty diners half-forgotten between skyscrapers downtown.

As an undergraduate I studied philosophy and computer science at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. During that period of my life I fell out of a third-floor window en route to American Samoa, starved on the streets of Paris, and was the proud owner of a 1974 Cadillac hearse. Much later, I received my MFA in Creative Writing from New York University.

Professionally, I've been in the software business for over fifteen years. During that time I've done everything from assembling Ikea desks at early-stage startups and providing telephone technical support to architecting complex distributed systems that process millions of messages per second. I'm currently VP of Software Engineering at New Relic.

The Kingdom of Ohio is my first novel, and my short fiction and essays have appeared in various small magazines online and in print. I live in Portland, Oregon in a creaky old house with my two daughters.

To my own surprise, I enjoy gardening and intensely dislike social media.